Board and Staff

The Lafayette Symphony Orchestra has become the cultural standard-bearer in the Lafayette community since its first performance in 1951. The LSO is led by an 18-member Board, consisting of prominent community leaders. Musical influences are vital to a person’s and a community’s health and well being. The LSO is driven to provide musical opportunities to everyone through orchestral performances and educational programs. Since the appointment of our conductor, Dr. Nicholas Palmer, the LSO has seen a tremendous increase in quality performances, educational opportunities, and overall level of enjoyment from our patrons.

LSO Staff

Nick Palmer Music Director & Conductor
Sara Mummey Executive Director
Jodi Taylor Operations Manager
Renée Gaarder Patron Experience Manager
José Valencia Assistant Conductor
Sharon Weyser
Personnel Manager
Brandon Lee
Music Librarian & Education Director
Dan Becker
Stage Manager

LSO Board

Larry Sommers President
Beth McCuskey Vice President
Stacey Mickelbart Secretary
Ryan McLaughlin Treasurer

Natasha Harris
Kari Higbee

Betty M. Nelson
Kyle Pierce
Erin Ramirez
Theresa Silver
Roger Stewart
Colton Withers
Sarah Wyatt

Sara Mummey
Nick Palmer
Pris Gerde

Sue Carr

Foundation Board

Pris Gerde President
Charlene Sullivan Vice President
David Williams Secretary
Kimberley Morisette Treasurer

Kari Higbee
Greg Kapp

John McBride
Beth McCuskey
Ryan McLaughlin

Rab Mukerjea
Dorothy Reed

John Schneider
Larry Sommers
Dana Smith

Roger Stewart
Shirley West

Sara Mummey
Larry Sommers
Randy Wagner
Nick Palmer